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Prewedding Rocio & Jordi

Before the sun went down while walking through the center of the city of Seville, next to Rocío and Jordi, during the magical golden hour we visited some of its most symbolic monuments until we reached the spectacular Triana Bridge, all this, accompanied by many kisses and hugs from this romantic couple, who were soon to marry and with whom were going to share the most special moments of their lives. SEE MORE

Wedding Laura & Rodrigo

On a warm afternoon in June of 2019 and after some preparations of the bride at the beautiful Alfonso XIII Hotel and the groom at the Las Casas del Rey de Baeza Hotel in the Sevillian capital, we went to celebrate the nuptials of Laura and Rodrigo at the Hacienda San Juan del Hornillo, an Andalusian farmhouse that we love to return to again and again. There, the whole family and a large number of friends were waiting impatiently to celebrate Laura and Rodrigo's great day, a fun place where we were going to spend an unforgettable day, in a beautiful natural environment ready to surprise friends and family in the most important day of their lives. SEE MORE

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Wedding Rocio & Jordi

On September 28, 2019, the marriage bond of Rocío and Jordi took place, a couple who returned to Seville after years living and working in Catalonia. Everything was prepared at the Hacienda Chamorro, a beautiful event organized by LD Eventos, ambient music that at some times came to thrill all the guests and especially the bride and groom. The beautiful decorations, warm lighting and many surprises were going to happens during the night; a horse dance, gifts to the couple, hugs and lots of fun between family and friends, all in a magical summer night. SEE MORE

Postwedding Laura & Rodrigo

A walk along the sea at sunset and a post-wedding of two lovers, Laura and Rodrigo, a lovely couple of newlyweds. In an idyllic landscape on the beaches of Camposoto, a virgin area within the Natural Park of the Bay of Cádiz, we could share moments of relaxation walking through the white sand of a blue sea in front of the imposing castle of Sancti Petri. SEE MORE

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Family Laura & Robert

From a romantic love story between Laura, a lovely girl from Seville, and Robert, a friendly man from Poland who definitely left everything for her and came to live in Spain. Fruit of that love was born Victoria, a beautiful princess who delights everyone around her, with her smiles and gestures full of fun and endearing moments. SEE MORE

May & Javi

In the San Juan del Hornillo hacienda of the 16th century, located on the outskirts of Seville, many love stories are breathed in each of its corners, surrounded by gardens and preserving the charm of a monumental complex of more than 400 years. Organized by LD Eventos. SEE MORE

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Ana and Andres wedding

The lovely wedding of Ana and Andrés, organized by LD Eventos, in a monumental and magical place in the city of Seville, the church of El Salvador. Seeing them walk together, already holding hands coming out of this great cathedral, full of happiness and wishing to spend a lifetime together; moments worth capturing. SEE MORE

Thalia & Francisco

When the eyes cross, the lips get closer and the hearts come together, the best love stories emerge. If I love you so much today, imagine how much I will love you tomorrow, this adventure begins with a Yes and will write the best story ever written, yours. SEE MORE

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Teresa & Gonzalo

Complicity and a magical place is the only thing necessary to live the most special moments in our lives. Look at the same horizon, think about the person you are closest to and feel it by your side, a long way to the same destination is waiting. SEE MORE

Maria and Jose Antonio's wedding

An emotional and unforgettable memory of the celebration of the Wedding of María and José Antonio. With them we have had the luck and pleasure to share and enjoy capturing the images of their Preboda, their Wedding and their Postboda. An intimate couple with whom we have had great moments. SEE MORE

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Maria & Alvaro

María and Alvaro, a very funny couple that won with their sympathy. Looks and hugs that say it all in a place full of Andalusian charm on a beautiful spring afternoon in the countryside of Seville. You can not ask for more. SEE MORE

Chinling and Pedro's wedding

International wedding of Chinling and Pedro, organized by LD Eventos, with oriental touches from Taiwan and the colors of Seville. Two hearts from very different places, but only one way that destiny written in their lives. SEE MORE

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Paola03 JLFotoimagen Fotografo de Comuniones en Sevilla

Paola's Communion

Paola's Communion, a beautiful princess and a charming place like the palace of the Royal Alcazars and the Barrio de Santa Cruz in the city of Guadalquivir A walk knowing the most beautiful corners of Seville from the hand of Paola on the day of his first communion. SEE MORE

Oxana & Khristyna. For Piaf Jewels

Inspired by altered states of consciousness, poetic reverie in connection with the sea and dreamlike symbolism of surrealist dyes. The use of noble materials such as silver, gold, precious stones, silks ... confer the fusion of elements of nature. Jewels Piaf specializes in jewelry, tiaras in contemporary and vintage style with high-end materials. Models: Oxana Fetsik and Khristyna Kolomyychuk. SEE MORE

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Claudia, a lovely girl in a magical place

A wonderful place in Andalusia with all the charm of the south and a 12-year-old girl, Claudia, who fascinates with her gaze in that golden hour of sunset. A final story result of which we have had the privilege of being part. SEE MORE

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